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05 November 2007


Oh no!

I forgot to blog here that I shifted my blog to

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23 August 2007

another goodbye

this time, its our michigan guys.. yj, yy and ss. sorry I can't send you guys off because your flights are too early in the morning. I hope you guys have fun over there :D

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Walked around Vivo looking at stuff :) saw this really nice adiddas "respect me" series white jacket which cost like 162 bucks (sing not pound) which vanessa called it, love at first sight clothes.

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17 August 2007


went to the airport yesterday to send off one quarter of TS to CMU. the first time I do something like that actually..

ken! my rowing partner :D dip pull dip pull (not forgetting seawater and sweat in our eyes) :D lol... and a great singer :D and not forgetting, mr lee's CT rep before kenneth and est come into the picture..

alex! you are so amusing! haha.. I know manyan will agree with me :D yeah.. we got your vision for DSTA :P and another great singer!

and last but not least, ivan! always so enthu in organising outing for TS and DSTA :D all of us would not be so close if not for you.

TS rawks!

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06 August 2007


school started for those studying locally! I'm still pretty slack here... haha...

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02 August 2007

the simpsons

the title is supposed to be sang, like how they normally do for all the simpsons series. lala~

going to watch simpsons with pest today :D heard its good


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gosh! I've been getting lazy and it is getting back at me :( not really in the mood to blog a lot of stuff recently...

anyway, this time while I had not been here, there were 2 outings. last last sunday, there was a TS kbox outing :D lala~ there was like mikes in the room, with like 10 of us, so we can really sing and sing... (and as usual, everytime we sing a fei lun hai song, there will be like this arguement on whether wu zun or da dong is more shuai. :S ) then we headed to some hk restaurant (which sells pasta?!) for dinner. before bumming around in mos (because we felt it was too early to return home) apparently, most of the people had already finished harry potter (like michelle who had a marathon on sat and yubin who finished it during kbox) I was still like at erm.. page 200+?? tues, there was the DSTA sentosa outing, which was real fun! met alex in the morning for breakfast before we all started heading for sentosa (our glorious handsome leader was late by the way). so we got there and (after walking around trying to find a spot for quite some time) started playing beach volley. and it was much harder than playing on normal ground because the sand is so freaking soft. I pretty much lost all my volleyball skills from primary school.. haha... after round of captain's ball, touch rugby, ultimate frisbee, soccer (which wasn't really a proper game, because the girls dun wanna play soccer ): ) and bridge, we started heading to vivo for dinner. wanted to eat carls jr but I prolly wouldn't finish a set. so I went with the gals to get BK. lala~ then it was heading home early for me, so I can get to work the next day without feeling too tired.

then it was back to slacking in school for the rest of the weekdays. finally finished HP7 on wednesday morning before my 1st and only lesson at 10.45. haha... then saturday, I met my buddy, aloysius, and eng seng at j8 for dinner (1st time I see them in person!)

yep yep. Cambridge is getting closer!

London 28th Sept

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21 July 2007

Harry Potter

Whee~ got my book at 8am today :D lala~ hoep I dun get any spoilers before I finish it.

Then I headed down to orchard to meet manyan, josh and alex to go for confluence 2007 (actually I was wondering why I am going for a business confluence, especially when I'm studying Aerospace, which is totally unrelated). Yep yep... then there was dialogues from speakers from MAS, SEDB, citibank, merrill lynch and etc..

After the talk, together with tim and kar seng, we headed down to club 21 in hilton hotel to look at expensive stuff... haha.. then was dining at thai express in paragon. yep yep... then it was chioning home for me to do some crap online before I go chiong HP :D


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19 July 2007


London 28th Sept


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To a dear friend of mine,

I hope that although the distance between us (physically) may increase, our friendship will not. My mind is a whirlpool these few days... had not been thinking properly (to think I can actually draw water as HO2 in class yesterday :S)

I'll control. sorry for the outburst. Frankly speaking your joke was immature. know when to stop. I already tolerated longer than I expected before the outburst. I doubt you would have handled it with a clear head if you were in my position too. I felt I done no wrong actually, other than the fact that the outburst went over the top.

perhaps everyone of us always tend to think that our bestest friend will understand all our actions like they could read our minds. actually I was glad we can finally tell each other this after so many years. I hope we can forget all these unhappiness.


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